Simple CRM

Usability comes standard.

No CRM feature is more important.

The founding principle behind Clarity CRM is usability. With other CRM systems, all the bells and whistles can be overwhelming and user adoption is at risk. At Claritysoft, we focus on the most commonly used CRM functions and deliver an easy CRM system with an end user experience that our competitors simply can’t touch.

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Focus on Customer Success

Clarity CRM delivers real value.

Intuitive, Intuitive, Intuitive

Clarity CRM is intuitive. It’s Easy to navigate and it helps your team get things done. CRM software should help drive productivity not inhibit it. Clarity CRM’s simplicity and ease of use helps ensure your team is productive and your CRM project is successful.

Go Live Fast

Most customers choose to go live with our Claritysoft Quickstart Program. In a matter of hours, our proven process helps you set up, customize and import your data. We also train your team so they can hit the ground running.

Free Lifetime Support

It’s our way of putting our money where our mouth is. We told you that Clarity CRM is intuitive, and this is how we prove it. Enjoy 800 support, our training video library and live weekly CRM training at no extra cost!

Integration Integrated with the tools you use

We always play nice with others.

Our investment is in our customers

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CRM Simplified

We simplified ClaritySoft CRM so everyday companies can quickly leverage the benefits of CRM technology. By creating an intuitive look and feel and avoiding complex screens and rarely used features, ClaritySoft delivers the power of CRM in a cost effective and easy to use solution.

Easy CRM Software

ClaritySoft provides an intuitive and easy to use CRM solution that helps you grow your business more efficiently. With ClaritySoft CRM software, you can bring together your customer information in one place and leverage that data to market, sell and support your customers more effectively.

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